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An interview with Vera Sharav, survivor of the Holocaust

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The (not so) independent fact checkers

Our Board member Dr Benoît Ochs was recently the target of a fact-check by Agence France-Presse (AFP), one of the major players in this field. It was about statements in a video distributed by alternative media, where he expressed his concern about the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccines. This prompted us to take a look behind the scenes of this media group. Even a very superficial investigation revealed numerous cross-connections to and financial dependencies on governments, the European Commission and NGOs. The complexity and true scope of all these networks can therefore only be touched upon in this article.

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I want to break through

Vaccine breakthroughs are currently a hotly debated topic. Such infections are not conducive to an already faltering vaccination campaign, especially not when the emerging extent of this phenomenon takes on frightening dimensions. The reactions of those responsible and those in favour of vaccination could not be more bizarre, which is why we present a few gems here.

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Adaptation and obedience (4)

Most of the time we trust our own thoughts, our own feelings or even our own perceptions. Of course, sometimes we let others convince us that we are wrong.

But how often does that happen?

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Conformity and obedience (3)

The first studies on adaptation and obedience in the late 19th century focused almost exclusively on mass phenomena.
But how are adaptation and obedience to be understood in a normal, everyday situation, without all the mass hypnosis and collective trance?

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Note on our own behalf

Lately, there seems to have been an increasing amount of speculation in about Expressis-Verbis and our intentions as a non-profit association. Obviously, we have still

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Conformity and obedience (2)

When we think of conformity and obedience, most people like to think of coercion and violence. This simplistic association then gives rise to the countless references to and comparisons with dictatorship and tyranny.

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Conformity and obedience (1)

From measure to measure, from law to law, everything should get better. But the viral state of emergency just won’t stop. Could this have something to do with the spread of the coronavirus? Most certainly!

But in the first place, it also seems to be because a few black sheep are not following the shepherds and the flock. That is why we need a new viral imperative: Obedire aude!

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Conformity and obedience

In a series of at least 11 episodes, Thierry Simonelli presents you with interesting findings from the field of psychology and the sociology of obedience and adaptation.
Nathalie gives an overview of the issues addressed.

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Pandemic of the vaccinated

For some weeks now, the weekly reports of the Ministry of Health have compared the number of vaccinated and non-vaccinated/partially vaccinated people in terms of positive tests and hospitalizations. This could be equated with the evaluation of a control experiment to determine the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines. We show that the counting method used disregards the usual “ceteris paribus” principle in this context in several respects and that the calculated values accordingly provide a distorted picture of reality: at least for calendar weeks 38 and 39, the incidence rate of the vaccinated is many times higher than that of the non-vaccinated.

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The law and the hammer

While the Minister of Health endeavours to wield the ‘hammer’ of vaccine compulsion, the European Commission rules on the non-discrimination of health passes.

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“The real goal revealed during the press conference: to attain a certain vaccination rate (established in a completely arbitrary way) to be able to end the anti-freedom measures. After all, the excessive discriminatory anti-freedom measures correspond to a purely political objective and not to a legitimate objective related to public health. The introduction of indirect vaccine mandates whose purpose is to give politicians an excuse to reverse their own anti-freedom decisions is not a legitimate objective.”

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