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Unser Video der Woche


Interview with Dr. Benoît Ochs

In this video, the passionate doctor comments, among other things, on the first health abnormalities that appear in a temporal connection with the vaccination.

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Lehrer Lämpel

Zur Charakteristik der Geschwurbel-Verächter

Wenn es sich um Corona-Maßnahmen handelt, scheint jeder Wissenschaftler, jeder Politiker, aber auch jede nationale oder internationale Institution als Schwurbler zu gelten, die von der harten Linie der selbst ernannten „Verantwortungsvollen“ abweicht.

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The crisis of representative democracy (2)

The discovery of the people as political actors as we know them today is a product of the revolutions of the eighteenth century.
Democracy opens up the prospect of the plurality and change of the people, for with each new generation and each new experience, the people change.

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The Time of Crises (2)

The crisis of modernity is conceived as a “total social phenomenon”, in analogy to the medical model of the pivotal moment when the patient survives or perishes.
In the 19th century, the four major concepts of crisis emerge, with which we interpret, manage and instrumentalize crises until now.

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Democratic representation and its crisis (1)

Modern democracy is a political form characterised by representation and by the principle of popular sovereignty.
It requires a lively exchange between representatives and the represented, between the state and civil society, in order to express and implement the will of the people.
But if this exchange is interrupted or becomes inconsistent, then there is a crisis of representation.

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The time of crises (1/3)

The 21st century has already triggered or gone through an astonishing number of crises: a crisis of globalized terrorism, economic crises, an ecological crisis, migration crises, debt crises and now a health crisis that will probably precipitate another economic and sovereign debt crisis.

However, the inflationary use of the concept of “crisis” has also meant that one is no longer sure what the concept of “crisis” actually means any more or what it refers to. An opportunity, therefore, to pick up the historical thread of the concept of crisis.

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The children of the pandemic

From 22 February 2021, masks were compulsory in schools. This was justified by an assessment of the epidemiological situation in a press conference of the Ministry of Education on 12 February. A critical examination of this argumentation leads to the question of the proportionality of the measure, and a brief harm-benefit analysis brings to light the fundamental problem of one-sided political decision-making. Are the children ultimately victims of instrumentalization?

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Invasion of the Mutants

Forecasts Professor Dr John P. A. Ioannidis of Stanford University, one of the world’s leading epidemiologists [1], has always viewed scientific research with a critical

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