Critical journalism requires a lot of time, courage, suffering and … money. 

Every day we face our vision anew: reactivating the human ability to make intelligent and autonomous decisions based on all-encompassing and uncoloured information.  

The Expressis-Verbis team is made up of authors, journalists, mathematicians, doctors, lawyers, philosophers, psychologists, people from social professions, as well as renowned external guest authors from these fields. Our aim is to provide as many people as possible with the information that is currently falling victim to censorship and defamation. After all, we must not forget that 90% of the available information comes from 6 sources that provide standardized text modules for further processing. However, the demand for information that is unbiasedly researched and not coloured by conflicts of interest is there. After just over a year, we can already look forward to more subscribers than the three smallest Luxembourg newspapers put together. For this, we would like to thank all our donor members who have generously supported us. They have made it possible to cover running costs such as IT subscriptions, research, advertising expenses, reference books and much more. We are overwhelmed by a success we never dreamed of on this scale when we started. However, this balance also pushes us to our limit every day, financially, temporally and physically: our team members put in top performances every day, in addition to their everyday professional, family and social lives. As fulfilling as it may be to give your life meaning … we pay a very high price for our work. Crazy world, isn’t it? So now it’s time to move on to the next stage with this beautiful project:

  1. How nice it would be if we could finally pay our authors and other staff for their work!
  2. In addition, it is our greatest dream to reach those open-minded people who have less affinity to digital media with an analogue newspaper and the organization of conferences. Your help would thus fulfil two dreams in one fell swoop, and for that, we thank you in advance.

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