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“Whoever wants to fight lies and ignorance today and write the truth has at least five difficulties to overcome. He must have the courage to write the truth, although it is everywhere suppressed; the wisdom to recognise it, although it is everywhere concealed; the art to make it manageable as a weapon; the judgement to select those in whose hands it will be effective; the cunning to spread it among them.”

Berthold Brecht 1898 – 1956

Welcome at “Expressis-Verbis”

The term Expressis Verbis comes from the Latin and its literal translation is simply “expressly, explicit, verbally”.

In this word you certainly will discover the word “expression”. Indeed, our claim is to express pure information here; meticulously researched information from carefully vetted and neutral sources of information.

The desire to share this information with you is based on the fact that, in these very turbulent times, many fellow citizens seem to feel that the traditional sources of information more often than not provide us with little, if any, incomplete and sometimes even distorted information.

But aren’t we missing an important building block that can enable us to assess and evaluate a certain situation with the necessary distance, objectivity and self-responsibility? Is it not the pure, complete and neutral information that can allow us to compare two or even several points of view, to weigh them up on the basis of our own experiences and thoughts, in order to ultimately decide independently on this basis what is “right” for us? We believe: YES!

The social purposes of the association are:

  • defending and promoting the right of citizens and the media to information and the duty of all administrations and national and international authorities to inform;
  • the defence and promotion of the freedom of the media and of persons publishing information, ideas or opinions;
  • the monitoring, tracking and evaluation of published information of general interest in a pluralistic democratic society;
  • the publication and dissemination of information and ideas with due respect for freedom of opinion and expression;
  • the promotion, organisation and publication of free debate and discussion with respect for the opinions of others on social, political, economic, scientific, legal, psychological and ethical issues;
  • promoting transparency in the decision-making processes of national executive bodies and supranational bodies that develop international rules;
  • identifying, analysing and evaluating the encroachment of economic, legal (judicial) and political power into citizens’ lives and daily communication;
  • the analysis of emerging phenomena of authoritarianism …

There is a rift running through society

It is with great concern that we recognise and feel the enormous rift that is increasingly dividing our society. Fear, mistrust of one’s fellow human beings, denunciation, defamation, isolation have almost developed into a “new normality” over the short period of only 6 months. On the one hand, there are the people who – either dutifully or resignedly – submit, on the other those who ask questions, even uncomfortable ones, and in their search for answers sometimes also come across sources of information that only harden the fronts further. Moreover, in this mass it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. The world has become too fast, the free time too short to meticulously check the sources of every contribution/article for conflicts of interest.

Courage, hope, energy

Our motivation to provide you with this information is based solely on the desire for de-escalation in our society, the need for discussion, information and the promotion of personal responsibility and self-determination.

Every medal has two sides

In our articles we try to present the different topics to you in a neutral way and always from several perspectives and to accurately document the relevant sources. We will not take a position – we leave that up to you! Should we express an opinion of our own, as opposed to pure facts and information, this will be explicitly marked. You are welcome to read about the demands we make on ourselves in detail in our statutes.

You are welcome to read about the demands we make on ourselves in detail in our statutes.

Our “think-tank” consists of doctors and other heath-experts, lawyers, mathematicians, statisticians, economists, business people and new competences are added every day. At the same time, we are also parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren and look at the whole matter very much from our human side, even if we devote ourselves primarily to the scientific approach.

We thank you for your interest and would be very pleased if you would like to participate constructively in this movement, be it with your questions or perhaps even as a future member.

The Expressis-Verbis team is looking forward to meeting you and whetting your appetite for information.

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