Support us

As you can see from our “About Us” page, we are volunteering our respective expertise and time to Expressis-Verbis free of charge. 

Accordingly, you will not be bothered by advertisements, search in vain for sensational titles, hustle and bustle, scaremongering and trivial things. We are convinced that this decelerated provision of information is a healthy breeding ground for finally being able to think freely and in a relaxed manner and to make independent decisions based on the information provided. We are free from conflicts of interest.

Nevertheless, this work is also associated with the same costs: Hosting, maintenance of the website, plugins, advertising costs, print items such as business cards, postcards, flyers … organizing events, as well as time of each of us not spent with our clients/patients/clients … 

There are three ways to help us:

  • Become a donating member (membre donateur), receive your personal membership card and thus contribute to the running expenses;
  • Become an active member (membre adhérent) and help out: Research, write, translate … share your talents with us and how you wish to contribute;
  • Get involved in our actual “major project”: developing a print newspaper, organizing conferences and paying our staff. Then our crowdfunding project is just right for you!

We are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided.

Harry Potter