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Here we regularly present you with the latest videos from national and international experts on topics that concern us. We very much hope that they are for you what they are for us: an interesting source of inspiration and valuable support for our discussions, as well as the valuable feeling of not being alone.

Enjoy browsing our video library, where you will find not only our own productions, but also the valuable work of others!

The outstanding work of Florian Schilling (German language)

Florian Schilling is a medical doctor and alternative practitioner in Germany and a book author. 2006-2017, he worked in his practice, with a focus on oncology and neuroinflammation. In 2018-2019 he lived in Asia for 2 years and worked as a Project Manager at Bumrungrad International Hospital Bangkok. His responsibilities here were research projects in the field of transnational science and the supervision of integrative medicine clinics in Southeast Asia.

Dare to think!

Florian Schilling has impressed us very much with his excellent work on the current issues surrounding Corona and other viruses. His work could offer valuable help to many sufferers, help they would otherwise hardly receive, as the times are set on repression and denial. Do not hesitate to look at his work with interest, without bias, that is, without prejudice. You could help many people with it. Also be sure to check out his website where you can find much more, including a valuable download page, which we at Expressis-Verbis have also linked to at the front of our homepage.

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