We need your help!

The Expressis-Verbis project is the result of countless hours of work and sleepless nights.

Some of us end up working an additional 5-6 hours a day on top of our already intense workday; sometimes even more.

Voluntary and free of charge.

Indeed, to be able to do this as we do, one must ideally be free and independent, especially from conflicts of interest. As we know, the latter can arise from the fact that a large part of the available budget comes primarily from one source.

In 2020, for example, Luxembourg’s print media received a total of €5 885 254.03 in state subsidies in addition to their advertising revenue and subscriptions, and our local TV and radio station could even count on around €12-13 million in state support.

This freedom comes at a price.

Thanks to your help, we have already been able to reduce at least part of our server, subscription, advertising, and legal costs for ourselves, but also the legal costs for our board member Dr Ochs.

We would like to thank you very much for this!

The Board of Expressis-Verbis

In fact, our growing importance and popularity also means that some of these expenses increase proportionally.

If you think that our project should continue to live and grow in the quality you know and appreciate, we will continue to need your valuable support.

Some of our staff members provide high-quality material of their own (especially video and IT material as well as renting recording studios, etc.) and a lot of time, which would soon have to be paid. Primarily also because some staff members paid jobs are in danger thanks to the political measures.

Accordingly, we look forward to your contributions to our running costs in the future as well. So today we take the liberty of asking for your help and drawing your attention to your opportunity to support Expressis-Verbis.

In addition to this, you can also help people who are unable to defend themselves for financial reasons. 

Our specially designed form is used to channel their requests and pass them on to a dedicated external legal team. If you would like to financially support people who do not have the necessary budget to take this step, we will pass these funds through the legal team to the people who need it most. All it takes is one resulting successful legal case, and we all benefit.