1,200 ignorant people cannot be ignored

On 1 October, I took part in a peaceful “White March” for the first time.

It started by the Place de l’Europe in front of the Philharmonie, continued over the “red bridge” and into the city centre of Luxembourg, where candles were placed by the entrance of the Cité Judicaire, by the Grand-Ducal Palace and by the Place d’Armes.

This time a participant decided to do a head count, as a local radio station had made an unsuccessful, if not downright embarrassing, attempt to underreport the participation in the White March of 10 September. As we know, the attempt at downplaying the turnout was vehemently opposed, forcing them to change the heading of the report several times.

Back to 1 October:

At 1,200 people, the “counter” gave up. That was at the end of the red bridge because from the other side — the Glacis parking — more groups of people joined, and he simply had to leave it at that. For Luxembourg, this was a sensational turnout. The marching crowd was accompanied by well-organised police directing the traffic, as well as by press representatives.

More than 1,200 people walked together peacefully, relaxed and chatting, through the upper city of Luxembourg. They had made a conscious decision to forgo the typical Friday-night entertainment of our society and stand up in defence of the values they hold dear. Children, parents, grandparents, doctors, artists, teachers, business people, caregivers, united by their claim to freedom, democracy, self-determination and physical integrity, as well as a strong rejection of the manipulation and discrimination that increasingly divides our society.

The feeling of community, cohesion, and peacefulness was so moving that I was finally pushed to write this long-overdue article. For months now, millions of people all over the world have taken to the streets to protest against measures that are currently being imposed on us by our politicians and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, there are thousands of doctors, nurses, mathematicians, and lawyers tirelessly pointing out the glaring irregularities and horrifying conflicts of interest of the “reality” presented to us.

These people are at least on a par with the advisors of the members of our government, and they are also stronger in number; however, they do not occupy strategically influential positions. And no – just to refer very briefly to a recent publication by Paul Hammelmann – they do not glean their knowledge from the internet, but from their studies, their library, and their expertise. These are literate people presenting their knowledge to all of us who also have the ability to read and count, wherever they can (i.e., where there is no censorship). With their courage to maintain integrity and transparency, they risk their professional career, as well as their financial and social standing.

All of this is consistently withheld from us

Only the pictures, videos, and reports of the participants themselves bear witness to this enormous human solidarity that unites us despite all the rules of separation and isolation.

At best, a few hundred protesters will be reported in the news as a matter of necessity, and these will quickly be shoved into the “shame drawer”, even if they obviously do not fit the picture: politically right-wing, crazy, stupid, conspiracy theorists, “Schwurbler“, or simply ignorant, as one Facebook member commented on my post about the protest march.

The clever play on words in one of the comments below inspired me to the title of this article. Incidentally, it came – completely unexpectedly – from my husband, which touched me deeply, as he normally keeps himself discreetly out of everything.

A petition

Interestingly, the “attacker” is also the author of a rather unsuccessful petition promoting compulsory vaccination. Last year, a similar demand (petition 1904) was equally unsuccessful.

The positive thing about this new demand is that it gave another boost to the highly successful 1950
petition collecting signatures against compulsory vaccination. We know that statistically, the first days of a petition are decisive. The 1950 petition garnered the required minimum of 4,500 votes after only 2 days. Thanks to the new signature campaign, it may now even have a chance of reaching 5 figures. Look at the page of all the petitions,
and you will immediately see the strong message sent by concerned citizens to our politicians.

Here is a little tongue-in-cheek numbers game for you:

Today (4.10.2021), the 1950 petition has 9,567 signatures and the 2013 petition has 456 signatures. In total, 10,023 signatures. In the population, 95.45% would then be against compulsory vaccination and 4.55% in favour. Of course, this calculation is absurd! But this is precisely how the 95% efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine was calculated and presented! They shamelessly ignored the majority of the population who did not get sick! If you dislike the 95% figure, well — you should definitely not believe in 95% vaccination protection!

A correct calculation:

In Luxembourg, we currently have about 635,000 inhabitants. So, based on the number of inhabitants, 1.5% voted against compulsory vaccination and 0.06% voted in favour. The others simply did not vote. That is still very clear, but sounds much less sensational!

Incidentally, from my private circle, I also know vaccinated people who have signed the petition against the compulsory vaccination. I also know — and I am sure you know this too — that the reasons they give for their decision vary greatly.

Of course, there are people who believe that they are doing something good for themselves and those around them. But many in this category, if they are honest, already feel let down. It is slowly dawning on them that the jab does not protect them from mild, severe, or fatal disease, nor does it make them non-contagious.

The famous quote by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, “Soon each of us will know someone who died of Corona”, could even soon be re-phrased as, “Soon everyone will know someone who fell ill with or died of the vaccine”. A bold look at Israel or Malta foreshadows evil for Luxembourg as well. From my modest perspective, it is indeed already the case today. Mind you, my “sample” is not representative, as I know many doctors who tell me about their experiences, and healthy people normally do not go to the doctor.

Then, of course, there are those who got the jab finally to be left in peace, and regain their freedom, their holidays and their everyday entertainments – in other words, the life of the past, regardless of whether it is actually desirable or not. So did an acquaintance of mine who recently wrote to me saying: “I have no opinion on the subject, except that vaccination sets me free”. Does it really though? Will he feel the same way after being asked to have the 3rd or 4th or umpteenth “shot”?

He also said to me: “Please be like you were before”. Well, to this I can only reply: “He who does not move does not feel his chains”. (This quote is often attributed to Rosa Luxemburg, but this cannot be verified by reading her writings).

I am not the bird that does not fly away when you open the door of its cage. I will also rattle the cage door with all my might.

In any case, many people now have doubts, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. What unites them today: saying NO to discrimination and deprivation of freedom. Saying NO to vaccine mandates.

The success of this “White March” of 1 October 2021, just like petition 1950, and the countless pictures, videos and reports of similar protest actions that reach us from all over the world, of which I can only list a few below, are highly significant.

You are not alone!

We were supposed to be separated, but we have united.

We are supposed to remain ignorant, but we have learned so much.

We are supposed to obey, but we choose freedom.

We are supposed to be afraid, but we are becoming more and more courageous.

We are told to keep our heads down, but we stand up.

We are not alone, and you do not have to be either (any more)!

1,200 ignorant people and almost 10,000 petitioners, all of them voters, outnumber 60 people’s representatives.

Nathalie Meier

Many thanks to Claude Strotz for the cover picture.

Here are some great actions, which may serve as a source of strength and inspiration:

The “White March” of 1 October, our thanky go to Mim Freiheit for allowing us to use her video footage:


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