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An extract from a press conference, October 22nd 2021

Our favourite video of the week

An interview between a german actor Jan Josef Liefers with one of our guest authors Prof. Dr. Stephan Russ-Mohl

Category: Personal Experiences

Voices for the silent march

I was not really planning to write about the White March again after “1,200 ignorant people”. I assumed — wrongly, as it turned out — that all the important things had already been said and there was no need to repeat them.  But when instead of 1,200 people in...

1,200 ignorant people cannot be ignored

We were supposed to be separated, but we have united. We are supposed to remain ignorant, but we have learned so much. We are supposed to obey, but we choose freedom. We are supposed to be afraid, but we are becoming more and more courageous. We are told to keep our heads...

Right to Selfdetermination and Monopoly of the Profession

Editor’s Note Here is an email from one of our readers to the medical college in the context of the trial against Dr. Benoît Ochs and for which he gave us permission to publish on our website. Nelly Antoine for the Expressis-Verbis Team Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of...


Buchbeschreibung Rückseite: Eine globale Herausforderung Anfang März 2020 gibt es einen ersten großen Ausbruch von Covid-19 im Kreis Heinsberg. Hendrik Streeck und sein Team des Universitätsklinikums Bonn ergreifen die Gelegenheit, das dortige Infektionsgeschehen mit dem neuartigen Sars-CoV-2-Virus zu erforschen. In seinem Buch erzählt er von seinen Erfahrungen mit dem...

Why, why, why?

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people who do not ask. Anke Maggauer-Kirsche (*1948), German poet, aphorist and former caregiver for the elderly in Switzerland If I ask you what you were doing at a quarter to three yesterday afternoon, you will most likely have to think longer...