Post-vaccine syndrome

Every day we receive reports, some of them very disturbing, that people no longer really feel well in their skin in direct connection with the vaccination. For most, it is limited presently to a certain fatigue and a slightly increased susceptibility to viral infections (also Covid-19). But many of us have also been confronted—in our direct and indirect environment—with serious illnesses and even unexpected deaths, which are mainly dismissed as heart attacks, strokes, or accidents (all symptoms, by the way, not causes!). Without questioning, without autopsy, without further investigation—in other words, without any cause research!

As long as they are “only” “strangers”, it is easy to dismiss them as collateral damage. If one is affected oneself because it concerns a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance, one is confronted with a dilemma: surrender to one’s absolutely justified grief or does one use the power of the grief one is currently feeling to demand a comprehensive clarification, if necessary through a self-financed autopsy, with all the consequences that such an investigation entails? So whether to face doubt or not. Out of solidarity with those who would like to be spared similar suffering. Presently it seems (still) that the need for harmlessness, harmony, escape … dominates here too. (See also: The need for harmlessness in our society, to be read in the book “The Cult”, click here to read the book review).

A recently leaked Pfizer document lists a total of 1200 different adverse reactions on the last eight pages. Moreover, this seems to be only the beginning, as this internal document cannot logically contain any long-term effects due to the telescopic procedure in the approval process! Even today, on 9 April 2022, we still have to talk about short-term side effects in our observations. But distressing trends are already emerging that do not bode well for the medium and long-term consequences.

An expert in this field is Mr Florian Schilling. In a recent presentation he describes—in an outstandingly didactic and therefore understandable way—how our immune system reacts to this foreign substance and above all: what you can try to do about it. He has summarized this in a book which you can find in our Expressis-Verbis library and which is not yet available anywhere in this form! Below you can read his contribution to his book.

You could give great pleasure with this book to those affected who find neither understanding nor help from doctors, authorities, or society. Make up your own mind and do not wait for others to tell you what to think or (not) to do.

We expressly emphasise that we are not subject to any conflicts of interest with this book, just as we are with all our other book recommendations.

Nathalie Meier, Expressis-Verbis

Book description on the author’s page

The book contains (to my knowledge) the most complete and up-to-date description and analysis of post-vaccine syndrome currently available. Numerous studies, the latest findings of doctors and scientists worldwide as well as personal experiences have been incorporated into this work. It doesn’t get any more cutting-edge than this on the subject of “sick after vaccination”. You can see the table of contents here. The information on the individual aspects is broken down as follows:

  • How can it be that the “vaccines” are extremely safe and effective according to approval studies—but the practical experience of hundreds of thousands proves the opposite?
  • How do all the numerous health damages come about? What is behind the thousands of complaints registered in connection with vaccination? How does this syndrome work?
  • How can the different facets of this clinical picture be made diagnostically visible? How can we prove that the individual symptoms are not imaginary or psychosomatic? Which laboratory values, which examination procedures, do I need as a person affected to make the problems evident to doctors and health insurers?
  • What to do when specific problems have been identified? What therapeutic approaches are there? How do I choose the most suitable one for me? What can I do myself as a person affected, what do I need the support of a doctor for? What should this look like?
  • Prevention and aftercare for upcoming vaccination, immediate help after vaccination if complaints occur, detailed tables on diagnosis and laboratory values, medication plans with active substance selection and dosage tips—all this and more in a compact and comprehensible handbook.

It is best to order directly from the publisher—it is published by Tredition. Of course, it is also available in bookshops. It is now published in three versions—as a paperback, hardback and e-book. There is a reading sample at Tredition.