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 Author: Florian Schilling  Category: Health, Santé  : 24 Mar, 2022  Find

The current vaccination campaign against Covid-19, which is being pushed forward with ever-increasing pressure, is in many respects unprecedented in the history of medicine. The extremely abbreviated approval procedures, the use of completely untested technologies and novel active substances, the enormous number of people treated experimentally, the irrational pressure to vaccinate and the uncritical handling of genetic engineering procedures are just a few examples. While officials claim that vaccination is safe, there are increasing signs and evidence that this is not the case. Tens of thousands of vaccination victims are looking for help and are left alone with their sometimes massive health problems. Many doctors do not want to accept a connection with vaccination and refuse to get to the bottom of things. And even dedicated medical professionals often do not know what to do: what examinations are needed, how are they carried out, what therapeutic options are available? Affected patients are caught between all the stools: From the official side they do not exist, in the medical system they fall through every grid, socially they are defamed. This book provides step-by-step assistance for vaccination victims and open-minded medical professionals, explained in a comprehensible way and based on scientific findings. Numerous tables, a detailed index and extensive references enable its use as a guide and reference book. For those affected, it offers the opportunity to improve their own health. For people who are still deciding whether or not to vaccinate, it provides the facts they need to make an informed decision. This book lists all the facts that are stubbornly denied by the mainstream and rigorously censored by social media platforms.