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An extract from a press conference, October 22nd 2021

Our favourite video of the week

An interview between a german actor Jan Josef Liefers with one of our guest authors Prof. Dr. Stephan Russ-Mohl

Category: Literary Essays

1,200 ignorant people cannot be ignored

We were supposed to be separated, but we have united. We are supposed to remain ignorant, but we have learned so much. We are supposed to obey, but we choose freedom. We are supposed to be afraid, but we are becoming more and more courageous. We are told to keep our heads...

The exclusion of dissenters – a letter to our critics

On 16 July 2021, I (50) stood at the top of the 3-metre diving board in Lutry on beautiful Lac Léman and couldn’t believe my eyes: from below, it didn’t look so high after all! Next to me stood a smiling boy of about 10 years old who politely...

Au foirail de la Lune

Le tour joue au milieu de grands yeux ouverts qui font partie de nombreux pantins dont on ne sait point identifier l’origine du fait qu’ils ont couvert nez et bouche. Leur passion à suivre les voies clairement définies les a rendus aveugles. Ils ont besoin de se toucher, mais...