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An extract from a press conference, October 22nd 2021

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An interview between a german actor Jan Josef Liefers with one of our guest authors Prof. Dr. Stephan Russ-Mohl

Category: NFI (non pharmaceutical interventions)

The COVID-19 Catastrophe

This expanded, updated, and completely revised edition of The COVID-19 Catastrophe is the authoritative guide to a global health crisis that has consumed the world. Richard Horton, editor of the medical journal The Lancet, scrutinises the actions taken by governments as they sought to contain the novel coronavirus. He...

The children of the pandemic

From 22 February 2021, masks were compulsory in schools. This was justified by an assessment of the epidemiological situation in a press conference of the Ministry of Education on 12 February. A critical examination of this argumentation leads to the question of the proportionality of the measure, and a...

The small arrangements of a large-scale testing

In the international competition for the best anti-epidemic strategy, Luxembourg was supposed to become a role model. With 42.9 % of infections avoided, the small country would have avoided a major health and economic catastrophe through a large-scale testing programme. At least that is what the politicians and their...

Incidence for everybody

In the search for a “reliable” indicator for assessing the current epidemiological situation, pretty much every possible and impossible variable has been used over the years: daily new infections and/or death figures, utilisation of hospital capacities or, for example, the reproduction figure.
 In recent weeks, the good old “7-day...

Statistical Gaslighting [1]

Every Monday, the previous week is statistically concluded with the announcement of the number of positive PCR tests from Sunday. On 01.02.2021 [2] and 08.02.2021 [3], RTL published an article on this. Each time, the article was titled with the statement that the infection figures had increased by 19%...

PCR test

This article is about the PCR test. What was this test developed for, what is it suitable for and how is it used? What are its advantages and disadvantages, also in comparison with other test options? What is an infection? An infection is the entry of microorganisms (for example...


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about important things!” Dr. Martin Luther King (1929 – 1968) We make every effort to provide reputable and neutral source information as far as we are able. Our post on mandatory masks is primarily about medical face masks and...